Many people are unaware of how dangerous improper bunker gear maintenance can be. Cleaning, repairing and testing their gear can help keep our fire fighters safer from cancer, sickness, accidents and even death. 


D.R.F.G.R.'s Services


•Routine Inspections which is a  standard inspection of PPE done by two different people for free on every piece of gear we receive upon request

•N.F.P.A. Advanced Inspection "test" including a  complete inspection including light, moisture (suiter) and thermal testing according to N.F.P.A. standards

More info on N.F.P.A. standard for Inspections 

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•Advanced cleaning

•Soaking for heavily soiled gear

•Heavy duty cleaning for heavily soiled gear that does not need soaking

•Bio-wash cleaning for bio-contaminated gear

More info on N.F.P.A. standard for Cleaning

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          •Patches                           •Zippers                        

          •Velcro                              •Namepanels             

    •Retrofits                         •Hose                       

•Bail-Out Bags              •RIT Bags           

•Specialty Bags             •Hardware .     

•Bed Covers                                                     

•Gear Bags Repairs                                     

•Helmet Part Replacements                 

•Specialty Repairs And Much More




• Thats right, you heard correctly. We do a free weekly pick up for most of our customers. Let us deal with the transportation of your dirty gear. We can pick up your pants, coats, boots and helmets. We also do hoods and gloves free with every set of bunker gear.

• We also offer to seal your gear in weather tight U.V. rated bags for your convenience. These bags can help protect your gear that gets placed on the shelf. Every bag will have a barcode and pertinent information such as serial number, size, employee name and more. When the need comes, simply find the bag you need, open it up and use your fresh clean gear without the worry of U.V. degrading or contamination. 

• Call or email us for more info or to request a pick up.

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Special services


On-Site Red Trailer

This on-site service unit, similar to our semi. Meeting you needs for repairs, inspections and testing. This is a fully self contained unit.


*FREE* Done Right G.T. (Gear Tracker)

Our free tracking software will relieve the stress of tracking your inspections, repairs, O.O.S. gear as well as assign gear to individuals so you know where, and who has what.

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On-Site Semi

This on-site service unit, with more than 350 square feet of working space, allows us to provide ALL of the services offered by Done Right Fire Gear Repair on location at your facility with a 36 hour turn around time.

Seal Gear in Bag


UV Protective bags

Our UV bags not only protect your gear from the harmful effects of UV degradation but also protects them from moisture and mold. These bags are ideal for spare or extra sets. Also, if your gear is stored in a room that is naturally lit these bags are perfect for you. Using these bags can help keep maintenance cost down on bunker gear.


Quickly Identify

We can create a custom style barcode label specifically for your department. Each label can include a mixture of the following: department name, garments serial number, firefighters name, badge number, size and more. Combined with our gear tracker Done Right G.T. you can easily scan these barcodes and quickly pull up all information pertaining to it such as when the last N.F.P.A. inspection was completed, last wash, all repairs ever done by D.R.F.G.R. and much more.

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