Done right g.t.

Is your gear being tracked? If so is it FREE?

As you can see, we want to do our part in helping departments become and or continue being N.F.P.A. compliant by offering this amazing program to all our customers at no charge. Thats right FREE!

We strive to keep our technology up to date and user friendly so not only D.R.F.G.R. but the departments can have easy access to the data pertaining to their gear. Anything we touch, we track. Each employee of D.R.F.G.R. is assigned with a username and password that allows management to keep track of who did what from start to finish. Our servers are secured 2 stories underground in Kentucky located in a private room. 

Our app. was designed for joint use between dept. and D.R.F.G.R. All departments that do annual cleanings/inspections with D.R.F.G.R. will have the option to use the tracker on a iPad mini iPhone at NO charge. Done Right Gear Tracker will installed and be ready to go. Each department will have access to all information pertaining to their department.

To get started, D.R.F.G.R. will upload any data provided, such as employee roster list, serial numbers, etc. All gear that is in the app. can be assigned to personnel. This app combined with our other services will get you closer to staying N.F.P.A. compliant.

A Closer look


Department Sign In

With your own individual department's sign in you can manage all your firefighters and their gear.


Manage all Inventory

Manage all your gear from boots and helmets to bunker coats and pants. This will show all gear with the manufacturers date and all repairs that have been done with us. Making your expenses easily tracked.


Assign Personnel

With our tracker you can  assign each piece of gear to any firefighter on your roster.  As well as assign a picture, employee number or badge number.

More Info

There's too much to see here. So, send us a message to set up a meeting and we will gladly come to you and show you how it works and get you started. Not sure if this will work for you? Don't be afraid to ask as many questions about our tracking software, we are here for you.

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