On-Site Semi


The only one of its kind, providing your needs at your door. Providing all our in house services including N.F.P.A. inspections on-site. This includes your boots and helmets.

Maintenance/ Alterations

Machine stitching

Getting you back to saving lives knowing your PPE is up to standards and safe. 

Doing all manufacturers repairs as well as requested alterations.

Weekly Pick Up/ Drop Off

Delivery vehicle

A FREE service for most departments of picking up and delivering your gear on a weekly basis. 

No more hassles with boxing, tagging and shipping. 

Done Right G.T.

FREE Tracking software for safety and piece of mind . Know if your gear is up to NFPA 1851 standards. Track repairs as well as personnel and more. 

a message from our founder

To My Brothers and Sisters,

To My Brothers and Sisters,

I am proud to announce that after 22 years of service to the fire rescue industry, I will now step back with my wife and have my family follow in my footsteps at Done Right Fire Gear Repair. My wife: Teri is now the CEO,  my daughter: Renee is the office coordinator and my son in-law; Anthony is the warehouse manager.

After years of protecting my brothers and sisters in the field, I will be protecting you from the sidelines in my recliner. I am now retired from Largo Fire Rescue T-41 after an unforeseen heart attack. I pledge my loyalty to the men and women of our profession and I assure you all of the work that the company performs is the best you can find. Whether it’s routine cleaning or specific repairs, the Done Right Team is staffed to protect the fire fighters. I have instilled the passion that I have for our industry into every member of the team, and they are very cautious and have been taught to error on the side of safety.

The Done Right Team is devoted to you and your department and would be proud to serve your department with the pride and respect it deserves.


Pat Gansert


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